About me

Hi! I am Helen

I have 10+ years of experience on the field of visual arts. For five of those years, I worked as an interior architect for COOP Estonia and 3D renderer for Structural Engineering Company as side. 

After that, I wanted to improve my graphic design skills. I started my job at a local design company where we manufactured lightboxes, vinyl graphics, and everything printable. On the side, I worked as a freelancer which gave me opportunities to do more creative work like designing logos, bike clothing, stickers, banners, etc. To put a more personal approach in and learn more techniques to create.

For the last 6 years, as an in-house designer for a private company, my responsibilities were managing a visual identity for an e-commerce (mainly Amazon) company and its products. Photo editing and developing products and all their parts (packaging, manuals, etc.) and producing video commercials. From that I gained a seed for a photography hobby.

The list of things that need a digital designer is endless. In this portfolio you find my curated design bits from these past 10+ years.